What we do...

Safeguard Payee Services was established in an effort to provide money management services to those who are unable to conduct personal business, requiring that extra helping hand.

Helping Families   We manage independent accounts for family members who can no long administer time consuming money issues of relatives.  If we are not court appointed, there is an accountability process that is presented yearly to the agency or person who refers the client.

Court Appointed    We may be a court appointed as custodian and/or guardian. In which case, we are accountable through the court system.

Individuals    There are occasions you need that extra help managing your finances; whether long term or short term.  Safeguard can help you achieve financial stability, providing you a secure future.

Social Security   On a fixed income, it can be helpful to have assistance managing your day to day finances to insure all your needs are meet.

Our Responsibility   As custodian, our duties to our clients, are to collect all monies on behalf of the client and deposit it into an account. We may visit the client's home; making sure that all of their day-to-day needs are met, such as food, clothing, and shelter. Safeguard determines how the remaining monies will be best distributed for the client's needs, including, but not limited to an allowance for the client, how much monies are allocated to savings for future purposes.